The Eagle's Claw Tavern was rumored to have been as old as the city of old Mareilon, and since its first day it had been a gathering spot for down-and-out intellectuals, disgruntled ex-soldiers, and angry fringe politicians.

In 102 GUE, this Millucis district tavern had been, for a few brief weeks, the headquarters of the abortive Frobbish Rebellion. In the last days of the reign of Zylon the Aged, the tavern came under the ownership of Ronatil. In those days, the Eagle's Claw Tavern was the only honest establishment in Millucis. It saw the revolution at the hands of Zarfil in 398 GUE. If this tavern was still standing in 773, it was consumed with the rest of Mareilon in the Endless Fire.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged