After thirteen years of planning and two-thirds of the way through his reign, Lord Dimwit Flathead’s coronation ceremony began on Oracle 22nd, 783 at Flatheadia. The coronation lasted for an additional 18 fun-filled months, and once all bills were in, cost twelve times the Great Underground Empire’s GNP. Leonardo Flathead finished painting his Coronation Portrait of King Dimwit, which was the last of the Twelve Flathead portraits. His portrait captured him in the classic pose of imbecility, astride his gaudy throne. This incredible ceremony solidified the King’s informal title, Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive. Those who refused to attend the ridiculous coronation were incarcerated.

Since Dimwit’s coronation, all subsequent kings were crowned on Oracle 22nd and even today, it is still observed anually in many parts of the kingdom.

SOURCE(S): Zork Zero