"Corky" Crisp was once the chief of the Festeron Postal Service in the twelfth (and possibly thirteenth) century. Postmaster Crisp was a thin, balding man with an ugly face rimmed with a mass of curly golden locks. A pair of stern green eyes, flecked with brown set above a long manly nose. His firm, broad mouth, held delicate white teeth. While on duty wore a bright blue regulation Post Office uniform capped with yellow epaulets and a postal hat. He was hyperactively strange with a harsh temper. With an exception of his hidden lover Violet Voss, Mr. Crisp hated when he was addressed by "Corky" (although even she endeared him with "Corky-poo".) It is suspected that he loved oatmeal cookies, as the librarian frequently prepared these on his behalf.

Sweetness and light could not exist when Festeron was cursed and became Witchville. Since Postmaster Crisp was already wicked in Festeron, he would only be more so in under the curse. It was only when the island had been turned to Witchville that he could allow his natural proclivities to reign free. With him, nastiness became an art. Even in Festeron, Mr. Crisp was in the habit of reading other people's mail, which was against the innocence of the nation. When island nation was transformed into Witchville by The Evil One, Crisp was put to work torturing Gladys' prisoners.

It is known that "Corky" was romantically involved with Violet Voss, the town librarian. These two minions of The Evil One were unable to culminate their passions in the pure Festeron atmosphere. Thus they desperately hoped for Gladys' capture of Wishbringer to ensure that the eternity of the Witchville curse, where they would be free to commingle with each other without restrictions.

The post office deliveries were schemes instigated br Mr. Crisp on behalf of Violet Voss (both who were acting in harmony with Gladys), hoping that each Witchville night the postman would fail and finally The Evil One would gain possession of the Wishbringer stone. Ritually, Crisp would present the current postal worker with one of Gladys' ransom letters, addressed to Y'Gael at the Magick Shoppe on North Festeron island. This delivery would always initiate the curse. Crisp and Voss habitually worked together to impede the current postal worker, though sometimes he worked alone to torture the prisoners of Gladys. Regarldess, Mr. Crisp and Voss were rarely successful at apprehending the current postman, most slipping through fingers that were more interesting in caressing one another than torturing their victims.

Mr. Crisp was able to apprehend the original postal worker during the night of the first ever Witchville curse. This mailman, who had managed to infiltrate Gladys' tower, found himself captured by the ugly man on an attempt to rescue Princess Tasmania. Crisp planned to torture both the human and platypus but was distracted by a letter he found on the postman from Violet Voss. Realizing that he was late for his appointment with her, Crisp departed without finishing his torture task, thus the postal worker and princess were able to free themselves. This was yet another evil plan foiled because of the unrestrained passion between the two villians.

On Witchville nights, Mr. Crisp's postmaster uniform always looked newly cleansed and pressed, so that the gold braid at the shoulders shone in the fading sunlight. This was an attempt to arouse Miss Voss' passion. The square cut of the cloth made his upper body look even more massive than it was, a great, sleek engine of power lurking within those post-office blues.

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