In the years before his death, the very powerful Dispoz was described as an average looking man of average height and average build. His hair had grayed and the wrinkled flesh under his chin hung like raw red liver. His face betrayed signs of weariness, and despite his nature, showed no signs of scheming.

Dispoz was an alumnus of Galepath University. Although he called himself but a sorcerer, he was wizard-class. Tired of the cities and weary of the people, he went north where he found the ancient Arbroneth. Once quite the architect, he built an aqueduct system that ran all the way to the forested end of the wastelands to provide water for the barren fortress. The magician fancied himself a collector of strange things, and having everything from GUNCHO scrolls to a Red Book of Westmarch. Dispoz had enough spells without his spell book, many fire spells. For in his heart he was a dragon.

Dispoz was able to transform himself into a blue dragon with powerful magic. This reptilian form glittered as if the scales of his body were pure sapphires traced here and there with pieces of limning silver.

Shortly after the defeat of Krill (c. 956 GUE), Stribel Wartsworth, who had assumed the form of a dwarf-like fellow named Humble Bellows, was discovered while trying to steal a GUNCHO scroll from Arbroneth. Dispoz captured him, but never suspected that Stribel was a wizard, or that it was the scroll that he had been after. Stribel remained at Arbroneth until about 966 GUE, attempting to run away twice during the course, but he always brought Stribel had by magic.

One day, Dispoz spotted two dragons flying which had been flying over the countryside nearby Arbroneth for days: Chuck a red dragon and Chet a green. Although these were homosexual dragons, the wizard believed that the very effeminate red one was in fact female, and took a real fancy to it. He was determined to have Chuck for his own. “She” was all he desired. “She” would be his prize, his precious. But first he had to killed “her” “mate” to have her for himself

Dispoz spent two days conjuring up the cell and the chains in the dungeon beneath Arbroneth were he would hold Chuck. Then he went out to teleport the red dragon into prison. He had used a very potent, improved version of AIMFIZ. But Dispoz was never one to look too far ahead. In the process of catching Chuck, Dispoz read the spell directly from the scroll that he had researched and it crumbled up as fine as ash. And he could not remember it after using it. All the research had been lost, since it was too powerful to have been GNUSTOed into a spell book.

Then the wizard transformed himself into a blue dragon to fight Chet. The two brawled for days. They nearly burned Arbroneth to the ground before Dispoz lured him away. They scorched the land for miles around before it was finally over, leaving charred forests and landscape. Dispoz learned more about fire spells in those few days than he had in all his studies. He captured the dragon, chained it down over a chasm, and killed it to make a new bridge.

After Dispoz caught the dragon, he forgot about everything else. He loved the dragon; was consumed with “her”. They had all sorts of go-rounds down in the cell. Dispoz called it his ‘precious’ like it was the most valuable thing he owned, like it was a ring or something. He enslaved Stribel with the task of caretaking the dragon, which including shoveling out its excrements every weekend.

At the end of the First Age of Magic drew towards a close (966 GUE), Anesi and his companions broke into Arbroneth, thinking that the fortress was vacant. When Dispoz returned, Anesi VAXUMed him. The master of the keep knew of the enchantment that he had been placed under, and was determined to get even when it wore off. It was the dryad Tyrillee, one of Anesi’s party, who disturbed Chuck the dragon in the dungeon, causing the entire foundations of the keep to shake. When the VAXUM wore off, Dispoz sought to gain the upper hand by pretending that he was still under its effects. When another roaring shook the castle, destroying even the bridge that connected its two towers, Dispoz took the opportunity to leave.

Fidget, Cubby and Tyrillee tried to work a way to free Chuck from his chains, while Dispoz worked to prevent being robbed of his ‘precious.’ Dispoz was protected by many enchantments, including Anesi’s VAXUM and even the dragon’s flaming breath. As a last resort, Anesi REZROVed the dragon’s chains, freeing the beast from all imprisonment. Everyone, except for Dispoz and the dragon, took flight from the keep just before the entire thing collapsed.

Using powerful enchantments, Dispoz transformed himself into a blue dragon and engaged in heavy warfare against Chuck. The fight lasted well on into the night. Dispoz kept trying to rip out Chuck’s heart, but he did not know that the dragon’s heart was not in the same place as a human’s. Finally the red dragon was victorious, crashing and burning his enemy. Dispoz was no more.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel)