From a distance, Arbroneth was seen as two tall pinnacles of black stone rising like a sharp splinter in the blue sky of the Northlands. These two identical towers were joined by embattled turrets on at least two levels. At the base, a high wall of the same black stone extended and curved around the base to form a defensive bastion. The surrounding barren wastelands extended in all directions as far as the eye could see.

Arbroneth predated even the kingdom of Quendor, but there is no indication of who originally built it. Before the days of Entharion, this fortress was populated by a group of mages, of whose writtings are still preserved today within the vaults of the Galepath University Library. Dispoz, who became its master until the End of the First Age of Magic, granted Arbroneth its name, which in the Old Tongue, means “refuge.” In the days that the wizard acquired it, jagged cracks marred the walls of the towers and walls. And after the many day fire-breathing fight with Chet the dragon, the walls were scorched, covered with a sooty substance, and chunks of blasted rock and mortar littered the courtyard. Dispoz constructed a ceramic aqueduct system for the fortress, bringing with it water from the western forests.

Arbroneth was almost entirely destroyed near the End of the First Age of Magic when the dragon, Chuck, which Dispoz held as prisoner in the dungeons, freed himself. Both towers toppled in towards each other and crumbled utterly to ruin, and the great walls that surrounded the keep rippled and waved and collapsed on itself.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel), A History of Quendor