The scales of the dragon Chet were green as emeralds. His "mate" in the mid-tenth century was another male dragon by the name of Chuck, who described him as "One of the cutest dragons that ever chased a cloud." As such, they were not accepted into the dragon community. While the two were flying over the countryside together near Arbroneth, the wizard Dispoz took obsessive interest in Chuck. Thinking him to be a female dragon, Dispoz AIMFIZed Chuck into a cell which he had prepared for him  beneath Arbroneth. Then seeking to murder Chet so that Chuck could be his alone, Dispoz transformed into a blue dragon. Dispoz and Chet brawled for days. They nearly burned Arbroneth to the ground before Dispoz lured him away. The two then scorched the land for miles around before it was finally over, leaving charred forests and landscape. He captured Chet, chained him down over a chasm, and killed him to make a bridge. There the bones would remain for several years. Once Chuck was freed from Arbroneth and had killed Dispoz, he cremated Chet's bones with dragonfire.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel)