The origins of these talking frogs are unknown. Some suggest that they are the byproduct of transformation spells cast upon unfortunate victims of a wizard. These frogs are capable of speaking in the dialect of men.

An enchanted frog of goodwill was encounted by Bivotar and Juranda at the base of Flood Control Dam #3 (c. early tenth curty GUE), who seemed to already be aware of their quest to find the three Palantirs of Zork, their relationship to Syovar, and their battle against Krill. He gave them advice to climb to the top of the dam then departed. Hesitantly following the frog's advise, the two companions heeded the words and climbed up the dam. It turned out that this frog guided them towards the Palantirs and was not a spy of Krill. The identity of this frog and how he knew of their quest, remains unknown.

SOURCE(S): Zork: The Forces of Krill