the fairy in Forest of the Spirits, 1067 GUE:
      (A) / (B) / (C)(D)
      Fairy Artwork: (A) / (B) / (C)
      fairy gives fairy dust to unknown Sweepstakes Winner

  fairies at Flathead Mesa, c. 957~966 GUE:
      fairy's transform from gumpwort fungus
      fairy's seek the one who killed their guardian
      Xina the fairy
      Fripp the fairy now wingless
      Fripp the fairy rides Keeto

  long-eared fairies painted by Lucien Kaine, c. 945 GUE


Fairies are young, shy humanoids of small stature usually with insect or butterfly wings. Some fairies fly with magic, sometimes flying on mushroom stems or the backs of birds. It is a matter of honor among fairies to reward good deeds done on their behalf, many times rewarding adventurers with a bag of fairy dust. Despite this, some believe that fairies are another type of evil spirit.

A sacred council circle of fairies living on a mesa north of the Bor River was led by Xina. They protected themselves during their daylight slumber by assuming the appearance of mushrooms; in this form they were known as gumpwort fungus. A lum ox was their guardian for many years until it was defeated by Ryker (c. 957~966 GUE).

Alarm fairies, which are small, winged and very obnoxious, are used to guard treasuries and other places requiring extreme security. When, for instance, a certain door is REZROVed, a fairy will appear, carrying a big going that it will begin to pound incessantly and yell at the top of its lungs, things like, "There's a thief here! Hey, guards! Thief! Nasty thieving thief's here! Come capture the thief!" These dins are tremendous. When intruders are caught, these fairies with an attitude will jeer and mock, chanting similiar utterances as, "Told you so, nyaah, nyaah!" Alarm fairies never sleep and are immune to the ESPNIS spell.

Fairies are members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

SOURCE(S): Spellbreaker, The Zork Chronicles, Zork Quest II, Return to Zork