Feebo was a dwarven miner who worked in the dwarven mines beneath the mountains at the northeastern edge of the Valley of the Sparrows where illumynite was being unearthed. It was during the tunneling of a new mountains sector in the 1620's that a football-sized chunk of illumynite (the Cluster) was unearthed by this dwarf. At first the glowing rock was considered a good-luck charm and a sign that a tremendous vein of illumynite waited just ahead. But the dwarves found only worthless dirt and rock, which was rare. Their good-luck charm quickly became mockingly known as Feebo’s Folly, and was set aside as a gag item.

However, after the passage of time, something became apparent: the cluster did not lose its glow. After some experimenting, the dwarves concluded that chunks of illumynite, when kept out of direct sunlight and away from water, held their luminous qualities longer. They were like rough, natural light bulbs. These light bulbs soon became the new product of the dwarves. The original cluster was renamed Feebo’s Fancy Find. The honor came too late for Feebo, though.

Poor Feebo, embarrassed by the Folly, took to drinking heavily and he carelessly took a wrong turn during a joyride in a mining cart. (Could not tell his left from his right.) The track suddenly ended in a hole on the side of a high mountain and Feebo went sailing out into the void. The remains of the cart, as well as a few parts of Feebo’s wardrobe, were enshrined in the Temple of Bel Narie alongside the Cluster, which was placed upon a pedestal. The legend of this discovery was passed down by the dwarves for many generations.

One of Feebo's great-nephews was an anonymous dwarven general.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork (game, official backstory)