Dwarven General, 1647 (A) / (B) / (C)
            Dwarven General Artwork
            [behind the scenes]


When the dwarven mines in the Valley of Sparrows was attacked by a swarm of Morphius' vultures, a particular dwarven general was summoned at the end of 1647 GUE to protect their illumynite from the thieving vultures. This general, in collaboration with the current Head Dwarf Miner, succeeded in holding off the buzzards.

The dwarven general was overly proud of his soldiers and their precision; he believed there was not a company of fighting dwarves better than them. Like most dwarven armies, his men marched to a cadence that matched the route through the current mine he was protecting. An unknown Sweepstakes Winner (who was on a quest to defeat Morphius) was able to win the attention of the general by showing him the Dwarven Sword of Zork. At the same time, this adventurer was able to discern that the general and head miner were speaking in code, and through them, learned the passage through the mines.

The dwarven general had intended to raid the Citadel of Zork and smite the evil that dared to threaten their peaceful valley, but before preparations could be finalized, the entire conflict with the vultures was put to a halt when that same nameless adventurer passed through the dwarven mines, forged the last Flying Disc of Frobozz and defeated Morphius.


SOURCE(S): Return to Zork