An official pair of Festeron Magick Shoppe Magick Glasses was the prize for the winning the WFES Winning Contest. Though the original postman of Festeron was not given this gift, eventually, all postmen after him were gifted with this enchanted objects on their first visit to the Festeron Ye Olde Magick Shoppe on a night which Gladys chose to enact the Witchville curse.

These glasses were comprised of black plastic frames, complete with brown eyebrows, attached to a pink plastic nose and a brown plastic mustache beneath. The entire world as seen through the glasses was different; showing it as it really was. Anything non-magical was represented as dull brown (a perfectly symbolic color), while any enchanted object glowed with an inner light, thus showing the wearer what truly was magic. While the glow of one enchanted object frequently varied from another, each object resonated with a single color. But the glasses also had a second effect--during the duration of the Witchville curse, any hidden evil desires of the heart would be made manifest for the entire population of the island (save a few). When the glasses were worn by a cursed individual, the enchantment would be broken, returning them to their innocent Festeronian self. The glasses only worked when they were physically on somebody; therefore, when removed, the curse would return. One last function of these glasses were their ability to function as 3D glasses in movie theater, enabling the current postman to discover the location of Gladys' secret laboratory.

A rule had been established between the three sisters (Y'Gael, Hortense, Gladys) that the Festeron Magick Shoppe Magick Glasses were not allowed to be destroyed. At least once, during the reign of Simon the Postman, Gladys did break this rule, by grinding them into the floor with her foot, which was one of five reasons that the other two sisters broke the rule of not directly aiding the postman in the attempt to stop Gladys' plans.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer (novel)