Born in the village of Festeron before the end of the First Age of Magic, Hortense D. Fester (it is not known if Fester is her maiden name) lived with her parents and sisters. Y’Gael was the eldest of the three. Hortense was the middle. The youngest and scrawniest, was Gladys, who later styled herself The Evil One. Like her sisters, Y'Gael and Gladys, she had a talent to read another person's mind only when their thoughts were particularly transparent.

Late in her years, during the Second Age of Magic, Gladys ushered in the curse of Witchville hoping to enslave Festeron, then the entire world. Gladys saw this almost as a game. Every time she was defeated she tried again. The Witchville transformation happened frequently throughout the course of the Second Age of Magic since its beginning in 1157 GUE. As time progressed, certain rules, agreed upon by the sisters, were set in place. One of the fundemental principles was that both Y'Gael and Hortense were forbidden to directly involve themselves in the conflict.

While Hortense originally did not participate in the battles against Gladys, by the time of Sneed and Simon, she had downright opposed Gladys, by presenting each one with a Kitchen Wonder to aid in the battle against The Evil One (both Mr. Sneed and Simon received one from her).

The first cursed Witchville night in the career of Simon was the only known time in which Gladys trespassed specific rules that had been laid down between the sisters. In reprisal, it was necessary for both Hortense and Y'Gael to intervene in order to prevent more from being broken. Magical combat broke out, in which Hortense summoned a perfectly formed miniature horse with dark blue wings. The Evil One lost, but when the sisters relaxed their guard, the Evil One fabricated a colony of huge snakes that wrapped themselves around them so that their arms were pinned to their bodies. Before anything could grow worse, the Honorable Roger arrived with the Platypus Guard. The troop rescued the entangled sisters and carried them out of the room. The two good sisters were not present to witness Simon's defeat of Gladys, but congratulated him afterward.

 During the reign of Simon the Postman, Hortense was an elderly woman, living at:
    3 Festeron Circle
    Festeron Village, Festeron H7632WWWT3-2134X

Hortense's relationship to Phineas T. Fester, founder of Festeron, is unknown.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer (novel)