Festeron Village filling the northern tip of Greater Festeron island, was founded by Phineas T. Fester sometime before 781 GUE. A quiet town nestled among the trees, Festeron is intensely proud of its history, dedicating statues and minting coins in the memory of its founding fathers and military heroes. The white village of bulky brick buildings, like the First Church of Festeronian Science, the Festeron Free Public Library, the Festeron Police Station, the Festeron Palace, all clustered at the city centrum, surrounded by white clapboard houses lining the roads out of the village, each row of dwellings blossoming outward like petals on a bright spring flower. The epiceneter of the village, known as Festeron Circle (or Festeron Rotary) contained a circular park complete with fountain, and faced by stately brick homes which obviously proclaimed that was where the big money of Festeron lived. Heading out of town, the stately homes and municipal buildings that clustered around Festeron Circle soon gave way to more modest dwellings, small one- and two-story homes, recently painted white so that the wood shone in the early afternoon sun, with shutters and doors painted dark red, or blue, or green.

Also within the village is the University of Festeron, the Pleasure Wharf (the town's most popular tourist attraction) on the eastern edge of town extending into the bay. The major streets include Main Street, Broadway, Festeron Blvd, Western Avenue, and, beyond the city limits, River Road.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer, Wishbringer (novel)