Festeron Free Public Library, located at the south side of Festeron Circle is famous for its museum of local historic artifacts. Built sometime before 781 GUE, the library saw its most infamous curator by 1063, who continued to her duties there until well beyond 1157. The museum itself became a popular tourist attraction, containing many exhibits, such as a pair of enormous fossil mailboxes with their bones locked together in a pose of eternal combat.

The main door of the library was an impressive-looking double door, maybe ten feet high, made of polished maple with a lion’s head carved in the center of each great panel. There was a bell, half hidden within the ivy-covered brick that surrounded the huge door frame. The entire library's interior, from the linoleum floor to the dark maple counter-top to the glass covering the framed pastoral prints, was shined to a high gloss. Sunless was able to pour in through a skylight in the ceiling.

The library was only open when Miss Voss said so. During the days of Simon the Postman, the library could not be opened due to certain changes that had to be made—long overdue renovations. Protected by a Frobozz Magic Burglar Alarm, the local police chief, Sergeant MacGuffin was quick to respond.

The library's address is:
    Festeron Public Library
    Festeron Village, Festeron WP3XC77LFD-XX663

When it was Festeron, the library was quiet, reserved, respectful. But when the place was part of Witchville, the proud builing was plunged into a pitiful state of disrepair. The wood-paneled walls and shining floors were reminding of a weather-worn pirate galleon. The exterior would be more ivy-colored than before, with thick, reddish-green thorny growth covering everything but the great wooden double door. 

For the first curse of Witchville, Gladys turned Y'Gael's cat Chaos into a statue and placed it in the library museum. It was here that the unknown postal worker had the first confrontation with The Evil One.

TRIVIA: It may be of minor significance to note that prior to his descent into the Dungeon of Zork, the Second Dungeon Master checked out three books (the 778 GUE "FrobozzCo International Annual Report", "History of the Great Underground Empire", and "G.U.E. on 9 Zorkmids a Day") from the Festeron Free Public Library. These books, due back in 2/21/948 were long overdue by the time of his ascension, and it is uncertain if they were ever returned to the library.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer, Wishbringer (novel), Zork Trilogy