A strange metal clacking sound coupled with "clump-clump" may belong to one of the wild mailboxes continually snapping its lid while hopping across terrain. Most interiors of the mailboxes are lined with rows of sharp little teeth. During combat, they tend to magically expand their dimensions in order to gain advantage over more powerful enemies; some have been reported to have augmented to at least eight times their original size within seconds. While not all are vicious, the ones that are are easily domesticated, especially by feeding them mail. Though it is a temptation to retaliate when cornered by the persistant ones, like all government property, the consequences for damaging these mailboxes is most severe.

The nearest source to the origin of these magical apparations seems to be Gladys' transformation of Festeron into Witchville in the twelfth century GUE. Throughout the night of the Witchville curse, all the Festeron mailboxes would be brought to life, where they primarily frequented the northeastern forests of Greater Festeron. While almost all of these returned to their normal condition once the curse was reversed, it is known that at least one of these wild mailboxes continued to be enchanted after the influence of the initial curse.

Eyewitnesses to the transformation of a wild mailbox have reported that its edges would begin to twinkle before being engulfed in a sparkling aurora. Tremors of anticipation would run up and down its length, the air singing with magic. With a gentle pop, the mailbox would pull itself out of the ground.

The personalities of mailboxes vary considerably, yet seem to be easily seperated into two categories. The ones that are hungry, vicious, and threatening, trail adventurers, growling frightfully with short primitive phrases, "Feed me!", "I'm hungry!", or "Mail!" These rambunctious beasts can only be appeased by tossing a parcel or letter into their maws. Failure to procure such a morsel, results in the berserked mailbox searching through its victim's possessions, gobbling down each one in pursuit for mail. Unable to find what it is looking for, these unsatisfied fiends snap their lids close upon adventurers, sending them forever to a place after death. If properly feed, these now satisfied mailboxes (often after a smacking of the lid and a belch), scrap slowly out of sight in peace.

The friendly sort of mailboxes tend to cavort about the grass like happy rabbits, snapping their lids with joy while hopping about excitedly. They are fond of humans, especially postmen, nuzzling lovingly and cuddling up around their feet. Some are even demonstrate their affection buy engaging in harmless activites, such as snapping playfully at one's heels. While many of these creatures cannot speak, they are especially fond of being petted, and many simply coo with pleasure at the sound of the human voice. Though kind, they are obsessively protective over their postman friends, standing audacious against any who would dare to threaten a companion.

Due to reasons unexplainable, Gladys' Witchville curse seemed to open up spatial tunnels between Festeron and other areas of Zork. One of these was the White House. A mailbox which had originally been planted outside the estate in 883 GUE, fell victim to this curse through one of these magical gateways. This mailbox, adoring the first postman, trailed him through the dimensional portal to Festeron where it encountered a vicious mailbox. A ferocious fight ensued, that ended suddenly in a cloud of dust. This small mailbox had defeated its foe, and after Festeron had returned to is normal state, the faithful creature lovingly accompanied that postal worker. This is the only known wild mailbox which did not revert to its inanimate condition after Witchville reverted to Festeron.

As of 1157 GUE, the Festeron Library's fossil exhibit contained a pair of enormous fossil mailboxes with their metal bones locked together in a pose of eternal combat.

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