The Festeron Palace, located at the east end of Festeron Circle is the charming old-fashioned movie theater. Showings, announced by the outside marquee, were frequently at 7:00 and 9:00 and in 1157 GUE only costed one gold coin. The single-screened theater itself held seats that were wide, deep, and comfortable; and spotless aisles. It is known that the theater is connected, both internally and externally, by hidden tunnels to the underground.

This movie theater's name changed to "The Witchville" during the period of the curse. Open all night, shows would be viewed for the cost of one Witchville-only gold coin (Festeron coins were not accepted). Movies watchable included titles such as "The Evil One is Watching" starring The Evil One in amazing 3-D, or "The Evil One" in 3-D with wraparound sound could be viewed. Soundtracks were frequently an artless mix of Witchville slogans and marches played at an earsplitting volume. A set of 3-D glasses (or the Festeron Magick Shoppe Magick Glasses) were required to view these movies without confusing, fuzzy double-images. The current movie always revaled the location of Gladys' current headquarters, as its position changed with each curse. But as long as one wore the glasses, not only could the viewer see Gladys through the movie, but she could also see the viewer. During some Witchville nights, Violet Voss worked the ticket booth, while the gravedigger handed out free 3D movie glasses.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer, Wishbringer (novel)