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The Foo dog cannon, which looks like an enormous lion, is an oriental dog mounted on a platform with a bowl of golden bones on the platform. This fully fucntional cannon was one of twelve specialty cannons Thomas Alva Flathead designed for his mad brother King Dimwit Flathead (one of the others is Chloe).

A charge of gun powder is inserted by opening the rear of the Foo dog. When closed with a pillow of powder inside, the tail will raised to stand at attention. Clicking on the ear of the dog will cause a mechanism beneath the platform to lift the bowl of bones and tip them into the mouth. Pulling on the tail will cause it to lower and then quickly snap back. A click of a firing pin will be released followed by the roar of the cannon firing. If loaded, the gold bones will be hurled.

In the 940s GUE, the Foo dog cannon was owned by Thaddeus Kaine and on display in the Irondune ballroom.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Nemesis (game, design documents)