Lester Foozilbarmumboz is noted for his well-read book, "G.U.E. on Nine Zorkmids A Day: A Traveller's Guide to the Great Underground Empire" published in 873 GUE by the Frobozz Magic Book Company. This book is the source of many population and distance figures quoted in this Encyclopedia.

Another of his works includes his mammoth "Government of Ancient Cities and the Role of the Apricot Fruit," where he assumed that the forms of local government to be found in the Southlands in the ninth century were in all likelihood direct descendents of the original systems that had been in place for hundreds of years before their incorporation into greater Quendor. A lesser known work of Foozilbarmumboz's is "The Midlands of Quendor."

SOURCE(S): Zork II (G.U.E. on Nine Zorkmids a Day), A History of Quendor, Zylon the Aged