Frobblemarre was one of the generals of Ellron's army. The curse of the Nemesis overshadowed most of Ellron's men during the winter of 946~7 GUE. This spiritual sickness caused them to fall utterly out of control, from the highest generals to the lowest foot-soldiers. The first mutinies began in the last weeks of 946. By Estuary 947, General Frobblemarre quelled three different riots in his ranks by executing one out of every twenty soldiers that took part. Although Ellron was not present within the ranks of his armies at this time, these drifting criminals under Frobblemarre were not sane enough to make any contact with their commander. These lawless troops succeeded in overruning the Desert River and Famathria province entirely and were eventually defeated in 949.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Nemesis (Bivotar's Journal [unedited version])