Little is known about the Forests of Famathria, the vast wooded Eastlands province that lies to the east and southeast of the Desert River Province. For many years, a legend originating from a race of giant toads spoke of the Four Flies of Famathria, which were consumed in 883 GUE by Otto.

Dimwit Flathead once took 6,000 of his closest friends on a camping trip in the forests of Famathria, where, after two months of "roughing it" in the wilderness, he suddenly developed an unremitting sneeze (Famathrian Sniffles) that forced him to return prematurely.

The ruling family of the castle of Irondune in the Desert River Province also had jurisdiction over Famathria, for in circa 920, when Thaddeus Kaine inherited the castle through his wife, he was given rulership over both provinces. When Kaine was killed by his own son in 945, both the Famathria and Desert River Provinces became lawless. By 948, Lord Ellron's out-of-control armies pushed what was left of the resistance all the way to the southern reaches of Famathria.

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