Bowman Graham, 1647 GUE

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Said to be the king of an unknown distant country, in 1647 GUE, Graham the bowman was stalking a deer when he entered the Whispering Woods and heard voices. As he stood still to listen, the mist and the trees magically combined to make him blind. Throughout his dark wanderings, he unknowingly stumbled into the Forest of the Spirits. Afraid for his life, he shot at anything that moved, including a fairy. She zoomed and dodged his arrows and eventually began corned by thick foliage behind her. Around her were acorns and berries which she pulled off and hurled at the bowman. She hollered at him, furious, but Graham only heard an "infernal buzzing." The impression was that at first he believed he was fighting a clever adversary; gradually he began to believe that he was fighting a monster or several cruel adversaries. He was brave but frightened.

The Sweepstakes Winner, stumbled across Graham in the Forest of the Spirits, still engaged with the fairy. After offering him a drink of milk from a cow that only ate carrots, the blindness was cured. Graham was humilated to learn that he had been fighting against a fairy the entire time. He apologized to her and withdrew in embaressment as this was not befitting of a man of his stature. Before departing, he shamefully relinquished his bow and arrows to the unknown Sweepstakes Winner, who used them to gain entrance to the Citadel of Zork.


SOURCE(S): Return to Zork