A member of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association, the Hanged Frog had been nominated in the past for the Joseph Campbell Award for Best Semi-Actual Persona.

While his name stimulated images of a frog walked around with a head at some bizarre angle, with a black, swollen tongue forced to lolling out of a mouth by a lynched neck, the Hanged Frog did not look the least bit Hanged. He was certainly a frog, a tall, green frog built along roughly human lines. He stood on two sturdy legs, with his large webbed feet crammed into green leather boots. He wore green tights and a green short-sleeved tunic that displayed his well-muscled arms. His hands were huge and webbed. He had a froggy human face with a croaking voice.

His name came from the mistranslation of an archaic play, which was once more accurately printed as "Thee Frogge welle-Hunge. A read through this play was requried to understand the reference, and as archeologists have been unable to uncover any surviving manuscripts of this obscure work, the origin of his name may forever remain unknown.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles