Dr. Koepp became involved with the science of the miniature by an abiding belief that what was effective in the macrocosm was effective in the microcosm, and vice versa. Every one of his large-scale architectural achievements, including the Opera Frobozzica, the Off-White House, and the Gray Mountains Asylum, became an exercise in perfect proportionality.  Dr. Koepp later miniaturized these buildings, and resolved major construction issues such as faulty foundations, weak support beams, and potential flood and slide zones by performing extensive testing on the miniature models.

Reportedly, the miniature hall that he constructed on the Opera Frobozzica was said to work as a kind of central control for the greater structure itself; and in fact, the only way the concert hall could be properly lit was by switching on the stage lights in the model. This relationship later became problematic when the Diva Maria Calloused grew so substantial in person that neither she, nor her enlarged entourage, could fit their plump fingers inside the miniature Opera, and had no choice but to sing a season entirely in the dark.

Eventually, Dr. Koepp became so obsessed with the science of miniaturization that he stopped working in the large scale altogether. His later works grew smaller and smaller until they could no longer be seen by the naked eyes. His famous bottomographical map of the Great Underground Empire, carved out of a single grape, led to an appointment as State Miniaturist. His revisionist rendering of the massive statue of Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive, once towering nine bloits high above the Frigid River Valley, now etched upon a lone grain of rice, is said to be one of the best likenesses of the late king. This cannot be confirmed, as it cannot be seen, but it is likely to be true, considering that the other depictions of His Flatness have never been incredibly accurate, according to the preferences of this the Lord Dimmest of Wits. No one knows what happened to Dr. Koepp in his later years.

The miniature model of the Gray Mountains Asylum had a switch for turning off and on the giant fans at the bottom of the central shaft of the structure.

SOURCE(S): Zork Nemesis (game, design documents)