Mimb was one of the leaders of the Hellhounds, one of old Mareilon's many street gangs. He was a Millucis native not easily recognized, but powerful enough in his own right. Carved into his muscular left shoulder was a snarling, ravenous hellhound. The symbol told of gang affilation, loudly proclaiming alliance to the Hellhounds and crying for death towards any member of the hated Nightwings.

In 398 GUE, Zarfil was able to convince Mimb to join his rebellion, thus forming an almost impossible truce between the Hellhounds and Nightwings. Though Mimb marched with Zarfil and the other leaders in the initial rally at Beeblebrox Square on 12 Oracle, history has been silent on what happened to him afterward.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged