The gigantic man-eating minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man. It onced was locked up in the center of a huge labyrinth containing over 1300 maze-like compartments, where he was fed seven maidens and seven youths every nine years to appease a curse. The minotaur always promised to pace himself to go slow, but the growing monster could not go nine years without something to gnaw out. So the very first day he had one of the princesses for lunch and then another for dinner and maybe a third for a snack that night. And before he knew it, a week later he had nine years left before the next delivery.

When Morgrom was renovating the Dungeon of Zork sometime during the second half of the 10th century GUE, he brought the minotaur to the Grating Room in the newly remodeled maze. Morgrom never fed him, and in revenge, he only desired to consume Morgrom and onions, fried together on a bun the size of a coffin.

When Mirakles and his companions sought to leave the first level of the dungeon via the Grating Room, the minotaur engaged with the adventurer to prevent them from leaving. Mirakles landed a blow on the minotaur's lower left leg, powerful enough to cause the minotaur to temporarily suspend the fight. Glorian of Mirakles' party, promised the minotaur that plenty more adventurers would be along soon to satisfy his appetite. Both wounded and trusting the alledged promises of future meat, the minotaur allowed them to pass. Unfortunately for the minotaur, Morgrom was removed from existance shortly after, and he was never able to have his heavily anticipated dinner.


SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles