Whe Bivotar traveled to Zylonika in Estuary of 948 GUE, F.B. Punketah spoke of General Kaine with admiration, though seemed to speak that Kaine was ignorant of the corruption of the Nemesis in the lands. "If he knew what was happening..." This resident also spoke of dreams, wrongly identifying the four alchemists (Erasmus Sartorius, Francois Malveaux, Thaddeus Kaine, and Sophia Hamilton) as Implementors:

"The Implementors speak to me at night. They come to me as angels, four of them, and they teach me the true things. But the others around me do not understand. They yell and scream and fight, and talk to other voices that I cannot hear."

Punketah also saw images of Alexandria Wolfe:
 "Why, then, why help the lady that torments us with that horrible, aching music?"

SOURCE(S): Zork:Nemesis (Bivotar's Journal - final and unedited versions)