Road to the South, 1647 GUE

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The once impossibly beautiful Road to the South runs between the Northern River Lighthouse and the village of West Shanbar. In the 1630s and 40s when Morphius and the evil magic grew to monstrous proportions, the entire valley grew wickedly barren. The infrastructure of the valley was overturned and corrupted turning the surrounding region into what the locals called 'The Dead Zone.' No longer was anyone able to tread this now impassable route. For the patch between the lighthouse and Shanbar was cursed by Morphius, so that all who ventured along it were instantly killed.  Following the defeat of Morphius, the curse was broken and the Valley revitalized, thus the Road to the South was once again traversable.

Guard dogs, indigenous to the area surrounding the Road to the South, share the natural features of all that hail from that region of the world.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork