The versatile sense organ is a type of magical hurdy-gurdy, the weapon-of-choice of the devilish Monkey Grinder. The squat contraption is about the size of a Frobozz Magic Breadbox Company breadbox, and made of brightly painted wood. There is a big dial up front, encircled by six little animated pictures, cunningly painted: an eye (staring), an ear (listening), a nose (sniffing), a mouth (sticking out its tongue), a hand (waving) and a clock (quite old-fashioned). A crank jutting from the side, just below the lid is able to be cranked right or left. Depending on which sense icon the dial is set to, a right cranking will cause a favorable effect, while a left turn will produce a wicked. The interior of the hurdy-gurdy is filled with a wraith of colored light, bright enough to make the eyes sting. When the crank is turned, either a violet or crimson glow brightens the rim of the lid.

With skill, two senses can even be used in succession, such as filling the air with a combined stench of five herds of sheep, accompanied by the cacophony of hateful bleating. The sense organ also has defensive abilities, such as sucking in magic under the lid, and using the lid to reflect wand rays.

In 966 GUE, sense organs were selling for about Zm60.

eye, right A rainbow of dazzling spectra fills the air! It swirls and blends with the colors of the landscape (or provides color if there is none), creating rich, saturated hues reminiscent of a postcard.
eye, left The colors in the room fade back to normal. (sights include the raw glare of a disco strobe)
ear, right Strains of soothing melody fill the air! The liquid chords swell to a glorious crescendo, then fade into silence.
ear, left A dreadful cacophony of random noise fills the air! Eventually the onslaught fades to a welcome silence. (sounds includ pounding syrupy arrangements of "Born in the GUE")
nose, right A tide of flavorful aromas fills the air as the scents of a dozen exotic delicacies drift past one by one.
nose, leftA nauseating cloud of foul, reeking stenches fills the air! Eventually the air clears, but all too slowly.  (smells include burning fish cakes)
mouth, rightA mouthwatering cascade of flavor washes over the tongue with the taste of all your favorite dishes.
mouth, leftThe unspeakable flavor of dead, rotting filth coats the tongue, causing you to spit and cough uncontrollably until your mouth absorbs the dreadful taste. (tastes include orcish nightsoil)
hand, rightInvisible fingers of delight caress the skin with a soothing, sensuous tingle spreads over every inch of the body.
hand, leftYour skin erupts in a dozen places with a painful, burning itch! No scratching can relieve the suffering until the invisible rash subsides. (other effects include a wall of imaginary flame springing up around you as the skin burns with synthetic agony, as well as hundreds of imaginary spiders crawling across the skin)
clock, rightA flood of joyful memory swells in the mind! Old friends and forgotten secrets rise one by one from of the mists of time, then fade into obscurity.
clock, left A black tide of memory swells in the mind! You blush with shame as thoughtless deeds and filthy little secrets emerge from the dark reaches of your past to taunt you.

SOURCE(S): Beyond Zork