Shugreth the Unenviable, one of the so-called "Gods" of the Nameless Night, was a monster so hideous, loathsome and dangerous that it easily froze the blood of less-experienced adventurers. Its body was cloaked in a shapeless, roiling mass of oily vapors, that from a distance prevented a clear view of its features other than its massive size, which was greater than the largest natural animal seen elsewhere on Zork (save the Great Brogmoids of course). Shugreth had a very dreadful head, although the amorphous vapors formed and reformed, so that the slimy head was no always in the same place. It also varied from moment to moment in the number of pitiless, restless eyes and the dozen or so nauseous, sabered maws it possessed. Hovering in the air, this odious being from beyond was impervous to even the greatest of sword-blows, while it reached out towards its prey with many rubbery, pulsating, abhorrent, tentacled appendages, along with a vile, yammering yawl in no Zorkian language.

This gruesome, leprous, depraved contaimination loved to lair in the darkest of caverns, and was known by the green slime that oozed down every rocky panel in the vicnity. Sometime between 948~966 GUE, under the permission of Morgrom the Essence of Evil, Shugreth claimed residence of the Temple of Zork and the adjacent surroundings, doing its baleful best to keep any from traveling onward. This disfigured, malevolent creature was killed shortly after by Mirakles of the Elastic Tendon, who, using the whistle of a Frobozz Magic Swiss Army Amulet, summoned a horde of grues to kill it. Unforunately, Mirakles was in turn killed by the same pack of grues and his soul taken to Hades.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles