General Store, 1647 GUE

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Will Swindle, resident of the Valley of the Sparrows, was at one time proprietor of the East Shanbar General Store. When the curse of Morphius had spread, Swindle's clientele dwindled steadily as many fled the valley. He, himself, could not take the desolation and calamity any more. But fate took a hand when in 1642 GUE (Grues Day, Mage 21), immediately upon closing the store and tacking up his last notice on the door, the building, like many before it, vanished (only to be relocated in the underground). He left town shortly after.

In Swindle's absence, the General Store became infested with rats. No one could find the proper key to enter it and thus the building remained empty until the nameless Sweepstakes Winner in 1647 used the wire from a bra to gain entrance and take several supplies needed for the quest to defeat Morphius.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork