Terazarg, the Sacred Grue-Slaying Lance of Entharion the Wise, is one of the most powerful magical weapons ever found. It shimmered with arcane power, which was able to help its wielder overcome even the most ferocious of enemies (and also sported quite a few large spikes).

This elegant lance, tipped with a genuine grue’s tooth, was the reward gave to one of his soldiers whose deeds exceeded all expectations and would pass into legend. This soldier, using only a piece of over-ripe fruit, fought off a gaggle of grues who were about to devour King Entharion and refused to abandon him no matter how difficult the fight became, eventually hauling him to safety. This episode would later inspire Entharion to try to eradicate all grues from the planet. On the handle is simply engraved “With Gratitude...”

During the Great Monster Uprising, Terazarg, which had found its way in the hands of the Grand Wizard, was awarded to an adventurer for assisting him in the defeat of Frizzlebits.

For but a single day, a group of dryads, under the influence of a gremlin, were able to steal Terazarg during the Great Monster Uprising.