A member of the Throckrod family assembled a vast array of charts and maps supposedly depicting the entire world as it was known in circa 240 GUE. One of these charts has been a source of much controversy. Looked at from this angle, it might be a somewhat confused representation of the various islands and channels to be found where the outflow of the Borphee River meets the Great Sea. However, turned counterclockwise the map can be viewed as a surprising representation of the East and Westlands, with a distorted emphasis on what would be the island of Antharia, and a peculiar southern land bridge spanning the space between the two continents. It can only be assumed as to whether the dots on the map were intended to mark settlements or cities of some kind.

It does not help matters much that this chart seems to be the last of his works, and as such seems quite incomplete. Unlike Throckrod's other works, this chart shows no terrain and is not labeled in any way. Furthermore, oral tradition amongst early Largoneth historians would seem to indicate that Throckrod copied the chart from an even earlier source, the origins of which can only be guessed.

SOURCE(S): A History of Quendor