The ever-tasty Zork Rocks are said to be a clever marketing of dangerously unstable spell residue with red food coloring to appeal to the kiddies.

The Surgeon Specific of GUE Tech determined that eating Zork Rocks while drinking any cola based beverage (such as Blam Classic) can be harmful to your health because your stomach will explode within 45 seconds. This was how the kid died whose picture was at one time on all the Zork Granola boxes. Due to this, a health memo was sent out from GUE Tech to all students and rat-ants warning them of this terrible mixing.

Contaminated Zork Rocks can easily be detected by the pulsing-red which emanated even through its foil wrapper. When they explode, everything in the vicinity that is not made of tempered Borphean steel is destroyed along with them.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Grand Inquisitor