Since 732 GUE, the traditional Frobozz Philharmonic Orchestras consisted of nine instrumental sections that align to form a crescent moon shape, filling half of the Z'orchestral amphitheater. Most Z'orchestras employ four of each of the following instruments: the violin, the nambino, the miano, the fleezle, the wertmezer, the gederaglini, the frobophone and the popperkeg. Their proper placment within the Z'orchestral layout is critical to the success of the concert. If a conductor hopes to archieve the perfect sound, each instrument in the Z'orchestra must be positioned according to a strict set of guidelines. If these rules are met, then and only then shall the Z'orchestra bring forth its melodic tone and all will be astounded by the beauty.

  1. Each string instrument must be in the same row. This allows the individual strings to resonate off of one another, creating a truly magnificent sound.
  2. The percussion instruments must never be adjacent to each other or their combined sound will overpower the delicate balance of the Z'orchestra.
  3. The horn instruments must also never all be in the same row as a result of many original Frobophonists finging early retirement due to a certain "ringing in the ears."
  4. The two player instruments should be seated next to each other, allowing greater freedom of movement.
  5. One little known fact is that each of the four classes of instruments must be represented in each corner, allowing for an enveloping cascade of sound.
  6. The bottom row should be alphabetical from right to let, as should the horns.
  7. The Fleezle must be placed adjacent to the Popperkeg, otherwise its highest tones are lost to all.
Following these rules, the following template for arrangement is constructed:
    BACK ROW (from left to right) wertmizer, gederaglini, frobophone, popperkeg
    FRONT ROW (from left to right) violin, nambino, miano, fleezle

The four other popular instruments of Zork - the verni, the oomba, the bass chokophone, and the piano - are not considered part of the Frobozz Philharmonic Orchestra. However, these instruments are popular within the Empire's alternative music scene, which includes such groups as "The Cruel Puppets", "Grue in Chains", "Curse Day", "Stung" and "Sounddungeon."

Since the formation of the Z'orchestra, it has become tradition that no concert is complete without the standard Zorkian Conclusory Fanfare.