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Status Wire, week 8

The Adventurer's Chronicles

The following story is the second in a three part series covering the brave adventurers who are dedicated to help better society by ridding the world of magic. Matchlick the Mighty, a hardy adventurer in the employ of the Grand Inquisitor, chronicles fantastic adventures for your enjoyment.

Part 2: A tale of Horror

We last left our protagonist, Matchlick the Mighty, stranded in a strange land with a strange adventurer who sounded strange and looked even stranger. Anyway, on with the story.

"Of course I will help you escape from this land!" I proclaimed. "As long as there aren't any really scary grues or wizards or nasty-looking thieves. Otherwise, you're on your own."

"Oh, don't worry! The only thing you have to worry about is the occasional hologram. I thought that I would be doomed to wandering this place for eternity!" stated the adventurer.

"Tell me, Adventurer-without-a-face-or-a-name, how did you come to this evil place?", I asked.

The adventurer then began to recite a tale too incredible and terrible to repeat, speaking of silver discs and multi-something-or-other machines and just wanting to see the pretty pictures. Somehow, all of it led to this purgatory. I asked if the adventurer had collected any items that could help us escape, but the adventurer could only carry pages of color. To make matters worse, some of the books that the adventurer had read in this vile place foretold the coming of a new evil book of magic with more pretty pictures and new, pointless puzzles. We had to get out of this place, and fast.

Fortunately, I carried a few items from my previous Inquisition expedition, so I emptied my sack on the ground. Out fell a Frobozz Electric Lamp, a book of matches, a can of grue repellent, and a Frobozz Electric Puzzle Solver.

Will these seemingly useless items be enough to save our luckless Adventurer? Will this experience ruin everyone's taste for further adventure? When will these stupid questions end? Tune in next week- same Zork Time, same Zork Channel.