Rifle & Bomb
    Mounted Canon
    Wheeled Canon (A) / (B) / (C)
      (this canon may be from the Age of Kaine)


The Age of Powder began with the invention of gunpowder at the onset of the reign of Duncanthrax in 660 GUE. In order to quickly conquer all of the surrounding nations, this period saw the development and mass production of guns, cannons, bombs and eventually rockets. Pseudo-Duncanthrax equipped his men and fortresses with these new projectiles—those at Fort Griffspotter are reputed to be some of the most magnificent ever erected during this age. The dangers posed by these firearms would motivate the engineering of new fortifications designed to defeat them.

Age of Barbarity c. 3120~2500 to c. 1000 BE
Age of Metallurgy c. 1000 to 200 BE
Age of Archery 200 BE to 660 GUE
Age of Powder 660 to 883 GUE
Age of Kaine 883 to 949 GUE

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