Thaddium / TED
    Battle Tank
    Bladed Weapon
    Crossbow Bolts

    Age of the Future (painting)
    Prototype Bladed Weapon
    Prototype Projectile Weapon (A) / (B)


Although Thaddeus Kaine was not born until 899 GUE, historians refer to the period between 883 and 949 as the Age of Kaine. While Kaine was never a particularly humble man, his pride extended to weapons design. The weapons in this age were all designed by Kaine and each was more brutal than the last. Particularly notable were two of his most dangerous discoveries, Thaddium and TED. He also manufactured many mobile war machines, including a battle tank which was powered by Thaddium. All of these vehicles, with an exception of the tank, were destroyed by the armies of Ellron between 945 and 949.

The completion of Kaine's implements of pain and torture were only halted by his death in 945. Had this not been the case, the world would certainly have seen the birth of his most brutal devices: turning skin inside out, turning blood to ice, driving the enemy mad, boiling the enemy from the inside out.

Although the ages of warfare have not been delineated in the centuries beyond the Age of Kaine, it seems that this period was the summit of weapons development. In the years to follow, warfare has developed no further than the most primitive of Kaine's designs, although semi-automatic guns have since arisen and those with refined precision.

Age of Barbarity c. 3120~2500 to c. 1000 BE
Age of Metallurgy c. 1000 to 200 BE
Age of Archery 200 BE to 660 GUE
Age of Powder 660 to 883 GUE
Age of Kaine 883 to 949 GUE

SOURCE(S): Zork Nemesis (Game, Design Documents, Nino Ruffini's notes on the Design Documents)