A member of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarer's Association and a helper of heroes, Amitia was once the same rank as Glorian of the Knowledge (before he was promoted to an Implementor). Amitia had never once been nomiated for the Joseph Campbell Award for Semi-Actual Persona.

While supernatural guides were able to take on any form, two appearances of Amitia are known (both worn at the Award banquets). The first, was as a lovely woman, with long blonde hair that was done up with strings of pearls, and dressed with shimmering gown of silver. The other was a younger woman, with thick, raven tresses that tumbled down over her shoulders that contrasted with her skin, which was as white and perfect as a bowl of milk. She wore a long gown with about ten pounds of rhinestones and sequins, all sewn on by hand.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles