Antharian Wetland Bingo came into the scene as the third, and final known, spin-off of Wetland Nature Bingo, this time focussing on the swampy regions of Antharia.  The rules were the same as in the previous versions. However, this version was exclusive to those who had played and finished Westlands Wetland Bingo and submitted their completed card in Mizniaport.

In a bizarre promotional campaign, the exclusive Antharian Wetland Bingo game's completion could be entered for a chance to win 50 zorkmids. Considering the cost of traveling between the Westlands and Antharia, the 50 zorkmids was not an alluring incentive. Still, a surprising amount of people entered the raffle.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, exclusive information from author of "Enter the Face Breaker" quest)