Westlands Wetland Bingo is a spin-off of the Eastlands version: Wetland Nature Bingo. Westlands Wetland Bingo is, effectively, the same game, though with wildlife primarily found only in wetlands of the Westlands.

The joint popularity of Wetland Nature Bingo and Westlands Wetland Bingo prompted the creation of a third card game by the same company: Antharian Wetland Nature Bingo. Following the creation of this third variant of the game, those who returned to Mizniaport were able to redeem their mighty game card for a chance to
play Antharian Wetland Bingo and be in the running for the 50 zorkmid grand prize.

The Miznian Drake is one of the many kinds included on the Westlands Wetland Bingo card.
SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence with author of "Enter the Face Breaker" quest)