many black crystal spheres


While able to imprison most mortals and within its magical constraining chamber, black crystal spheres are most useful for entrapping spiritual beings, such as demons. The diameters of the spheres are based on the imprisoned subject (one holding a demon found in Malifestro's castle had a diameter of 2-feet). With the proper magical gift, the lifeforce of any prisoner, physical or spiritual, may be felt from within the sphere from without.

Both the evil wizard Malifestro and the Wizard of Frobozz were known to have demons trapped within black crystal spheres. When the black spheres are thrown into the center of a pentagram, the prisoner is instantly released. (While the effect on doing such with a mortal has not been verified, it is known that a released demon is still contrained by the enchantment until freed completely from the controlling wizard). The wizard Malifestro was powerful enough to instantly imprison his enemies within these spheres.

SOURCE(S): Zork I, Dungeon, Zork: Malifestro Quest