Boats for Sail, 1647 GUE

     Boats for Sail (A)
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Boats for Sail, owned by Ben Fyshin, was located in East Shanbar along the Northern River. Opened all year around, boats could be rented for commerce or day-sailing. The boats were equipped with Rodent Rotary: a rodent-powered treadmill engine (although he sometimes relied on his customers to provide the rodents). Mice were too weak to suffice, but rats would power them fine.

When the curse of Morphius was in the air, the shop was displaced with the rest of East Shanbar to the parallel subterrenean world along the Frozen River where he rented boats for a mere two zorkmids per trip. Although business went downhill after the river was filled with deadly piranhas, the calamities did not stop Ben from running his business; who continued to give wonderful tours of the tree homes near the Creeping Bogs.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork (game, design documents)