Bozthark, the Mighty Mace of Mumbo, is one of the most powerful magical weapons ever found. It shimmered with arcane power, which was able to help its wielder overcome even the most ferocious of enemies (and also sported quite a few large spikes).

This mace was the weapon of choice for King Mumbo II. He is said to have had a particular affection for it, and named it after a pet turtle that he owned as a young child. He always carried it into battle, saying that while holding the mace it was only fitting that he advanced very slowly while the rest of his army raced ahead. Bozthark was said to have been enchanted by the court wizards to be lighter, tougher, and to enable the shaft retreat into the head when danger threatened.

During the Great Monster Uprising, Bozthark, which had found its way in the hands of the Grand Wizard, was awarded to an adventurer for assisting him in the defeat of Frizzlebits.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork