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Chuckle's Comedy Club, within the Cliffs of Depression, was part of an ancient underground city that was destroyed by an evil antagonist just prior to the First Great Diffusion.

In the 1640s, the natives of the Valley of Sparrows who were enslaved by Morphius' spells of depression at the cliffs by Morphius (known as the Ridiculously Lonely), revived the club in an attempt to rekindle even a spark of laughter. Run by its prioprietor, Cliff Robinson, anything turned out to be better than the disappointing jokes told nightly at the club. It was not until 1647 GUE, when a nameless Sweepstakes Winner would get the entire crowd roaring after telling four jokes from Bizboz's "Book of Four Jokes," winning the Big Laugh Contest.

Like all sectors of the Cliffs of Depression, those who entered the Comedy Club were instantly enslaved by Morphius' curses unless they ventured in with a bonding plant in possession. Once the plant wilted, however, the holder was trapped like any other--too depressed to be able to get back up.

While photography and paparazzi were not allowed in Chuckle's, those who brought their negatives to the establishment were able to save on photography bills, for during the reign of Morphius it was so negative there that they came out positive.

After the defeat of Morphius, this entire region was freed from its magical oppression.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork