In 665 GUE, the captain of the Screaming Queen was Chulig, a man of terribly ill-repute both of manner and countenance. Not only was he tall, but grossly fat, with heavy jowls and several chins. His cloak and armor and crested helm only made him seem heavier still. On duty, he was seem wearing the Quendoran officers uniform--gold battle armor, red uniform and black cloak, upon which was embroidered the great eagle emblem of the Quendor nation.

Angered, short-tempered, and sadistic, Chulig's pleasure was derived from his superority and command, frequent torturing of his crew even if the error was his own fault, and even rumors of raping the current cabin boy. Most actions of punishment were not carried out by himself, but by the cabin boy. Chulig seemed to take some sadistic pleasure in forcing one to inflict agony upon another, and the cabin boy would be instructed to deal out punishment with his whip Betsy.

Chulig went through first mates like a fish through water. Every mishap, even if it was the fault of the captain himself was blamed upon the first mate, who would be forced to walk the plank. Many first mates were eager for this exile, as they would not be bereft of being under command of the horrid captain.

In 665 GUE, when the navy set sail for the feint against Antharia, Chulig's cabin boy was Sunrise, whom he made whip the newcomer Caspar Wartsworth with Betsy for his insolent attitude.

But the Screaming Queen never made it to Antharia. While passing along the shores of Mauldwood, a sea serpent, who had mistaken the life-like serpentine prow of the bireme for a mate, became infatuated with it, finally ripping it from the ship. As the mighty bireme sunk, it it almost certain that Captain Chulig drowned with the Screaming Queen.

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork