The Council of the Generals was a tribunal of war heroes that controlled various political and tribal factions throughout the empire during the eleventh century. While they were present throughout the entire reign of Syovar III (997~1047 GUE), they may have possibly been formed with the erection of Syovar I's kingdom of Zork during the tenth century.

Mir Yannick was easily able to manipulate this Council for his purposes during the beginning of the eleventh century to the point that they approved the removal of Vice Regent Syovar III himself. After the murder of Syovar III, Yannick tightened his control on the land, coaxing the Council of the Generals into an alliance based on their shared exploitation of the people and resources of the Empire. It is not known whether this Council was dissolved during or after the reign of Grand Inquisitor Mir Yannick, which ended in 1067 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Zork Grand Inquisitor (Strategy Guide)