Dolo Finis is the old capital of Miznia. In an unparalleled attempt at using magical powers to gain mastery over nature, Miznian locals decided to build their capital right at the heart of the inhospitable jungle. Calling it Dolo Finis, or Sorrow's End, they summoned all their magical abilities to hold back the encroaching swamp and the jungles, preserving Dolo Finis as a kind of monument to their power of nature and called it Dolo Finis, because it was like an oasis in the heart of the most dangerous and miserable country in all the Westlands. Time proved them wrong. The jungle and swamp crept right back in no matter how hard they pressed to keep it out, and eventually they abandoned it. The ruins of Dolo Finis still stand today, attesting to the eventual failure of their vain and ambitious project.

Most baffling, is during the days of the construction of the Great Underground Highway, Duncanthrax found it fitting to link the great roadway system with an exit to Dolo Finis.

These ruins were the dwelling place of the Great Terror in the decade prior to the collapse of the First Age of Magic.

Since the days of the city being surrendered over to nature, the crumbling remains of soaring, once-proud structures rise all around. Towers of matchless grace that dared to touch the sky and gentle minarets of another age stand cracked and draped in vines and mold. Weeds grow up through the fractured marble roads, and huge morgia trees push aside ancient paving stones to sink their roots into rich black dirt. The many gardens are long untended and overgrown, and broken fountains at every square and on every street corner. The estates' ruptured walls have not kept out the ravages of creeping time, and more parks that have been abandoned to jungle. These parks are spangled with the remains of marble statues, with heads and arms broken off or laying half-buried in the dirt.

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork, A History of Quendor