The beautiful, though thorny morgia bush grows only in the Westlands, and and specifically in the platypus kingdom of the Mithicus Mountains, Mauldwood, and fairly often even in the Kovalli Desert. This exotic plant, which fills the air with its flowery fragrance, is well-known for its susceptibility to magic spells, especially MEEF. Some bushes are so ancient that they are the size of trees. The largest, most stately morgia are found in Mauldwood. The fibers from the stripped bark of a morgia can be rolled into twine. The broad morgia leaves are many times used as a natural means to cook spenseweed, when rolled around it and placed in the heart of a pile of warm ashes. Walking sticks and staves are commonly fashioned from morgia.

The most prized part of the morgia bush are its roots, said to "put hair on your chest." Although some find its taste terrible, the mint-flavored juice of the morgira root improves stamina, slakes thirst, and conceals bad breath. Many who gnaw on it find a newfound vitality bubbling in their veins, although its virtue is quickly spent. It is a rare enchanter who does not carry morgia root to gnaw on during a long journey. In domestic applications, morgia root is often baked into pies, and makes an excellent platypus stuffing.

The morgia is the official flower of Gurth and Mithicus, and a tavern in Grubbo-by-the-Sea serves exquisite morgia root pie. The list price for a jar of ground morgia in 957 GUE was Zm2, while a single root in 966 would sell for Zm4.

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