He who climbs the steps of knowledge stands out among common men like a blueberry in a pan of milk.
        —George Underwood Edwards

Along with William Barton Flathead, George Underwood Edwards is one of the founder's of G.U.E. Tech. There is much debate whether the institution was named after this founder, or the Great Underground Empire. The Edwards Hall, one of the architectural gems of the campus, was also named after him. His name, along with architect P. David Lebling, are still inscribed on the pediment of the main entrance.

The bequest of George Underwood Edwards permitted the merger of several venerable institutions, including the famed Hopewell Academy of Natural Science, into the George Underwood Edwards Institute of Technology. Departments were founded in such radical disciplines as Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Biology, and Architechure, and an exciting new campus was built along River Street.

At some point, a huge bronze statue of Edwards was erected on school grounds, from which a tradition derived which lasted well beyond his death. Known as  Founder's Day, the statue mysteriously disappears from its pedestal one night during the last week of spring term, and shows up the next day in some totally offbeat spot. A certain rowdy fraternity is rumored to spend the entire year planning this prank.

Edwards Square is also most likely named after this man.

SOURCE(S): The Lurking Horror (GUE TECH AT A GLANCE)