El Grande Queso was the name a certain bickering torch preferred to call himself. This magical torch, which may have been the same that once dwelt in Flatheadia Castle in 883 GUE, was found in a torch-holder on one side of the entrance to the Stone Barrow near the White House circa 966~1000. On the other side of the doorway, a sconce held a flickering torch, which endured its constantly bickering about not being made out of top quality wood like the other torches, or how everyone liked the flickering torch better than it.

This prideful, although cowardly torch, refused to shine in place of extreme darkness, explicit danger, or untamed underground animal life. Brog took both the bickering and flickering torches which him on his descent into the grue breeding ground beneath the White House in order to claim the legendary Skull of Yoruk. At the first sign of a grue the torch immediately doused, leaving the flickering torch to be Brog's only companion.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Grand Inquisitor